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Do I need a 6 Month Check up?

Dental treatment

For  years the recommendation has been to have a 6 month check up with your Dentist , but is this always necessary and does it take into account your specific dental needs?

Well, it depends.

Some people don’t require appointments as frequent and can longer between appointments, while others needs would require them more frequently.

You see, the 6 month check up appointment schedule was conceived with the “average” person in mind. This average person was conceptualized as a middle aged, non-smoker who brushes twice a day, has a diet low in sugar and is in generally good health.

6 months is approximately the length of time it takes for plaque deposits to build up to a point that a dental professional is required to clean them to help prevent dental diseases like periodontal disease and gingivitis.

Some people can go longer between cleanings, but that differs person to person, and your dentist will usually tell you if you fall into the criteria. People who are generally in their 20s and 30s who brush twice a day, floss, and eat a very healthy diet may fall into this category, but not in every case.

You may require more frequent exams and cleanings if you;

  • Are a smoker
  • Have poor oral hygiene
  • Have a bad diet
  • Have Heart Disease or Diabetes
  • Are Pregnant or Nursing
  • Have Dry Mouth
  • Are over 50
  • Have had extensive Dental work done
  • Have crowded teeth

Going too long between cleanings can make the amount of cleaning needed difficult and cause you more discomfort than if you had stuck to a cleaning schedule.

Maintenance is always preferable to an overhaul.


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